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Natural Bamboo grows in many regions of the world especially in warm climates where the earth is kept moist with frequent monsoons. Throughout Asia, from India to China, from the Philippines to Japan, Natural Bamboo thrives in natural forestlands. Twenty percent of the world’s Natural Bamboo grows in China, much of that in the wild. Today, due to increasing demand, it is being cultivated more and more in managed forests. In this region, Natural Bamboo is emerging as an important agricultural crop of increasing significance to struggling economies.After harvesting, Natural Bamboo is cut into strips. These strips go through a sterilization process before being placed in large drying ovens to hasten their curing time. Selected strips are stacked in layers and glued with an environmentally safe adhesive prior to being put through a press to form panels from which flooring planks are milled.


Cork Flooring will be one of the most comfortable floors you'll walk on and with the ever evolving styles and color options available can be very stylish as well. Environmentally friendly and low maintenance make cork flooring a popular choice for almost any space. We are proud to offer cork flooring—one of the hottest trends in floor covering. Cork is made from the waste of cork wine-stopper manufacturing and is therefore a recycled product. It is also sustainable, because cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, which is replanted. And we’re not talking boring beige corkboards. Today’s floors have a variety of custom designs and vivid colors to suit every need and taste. In addition to its durability, cork produces a cushioned feel and sound reduction, and it’s easy to install. Ask us about cork!

Area Rugs

Volunteer Floor Covering has a large inventory of area rugs to choose from. There is an area rug for every person’s individual style. From oriental, to whimsical, to floral and faux animal print, area rugs have a personality all their own.
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We offer our customers Cork Underlayment, 2n1 Moisture Barrier Underlayment, Sound Control Underlayment, Liquid Level Underlayment and Plywood Underlayment. Depending on the type of floor and application, some underlayment may be required prior to installation. Optional underlayment can provide warmth, sound control, moisture protection and overall feel of the floor can be improved. The right underlayment can enhance the long-term wear and performance of many types of floors. Some companies even give substantial extensions to warranty coverage when the recommended underlayment is used. Ask our sales staff about the different types and grades of underlayment—we’ll be glad to advise you so you’ll be sure to have the best performance and most satisfaction from your new floor.